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Antiquing Downtown Stillwater

Downtown Stillwater is home to four antique stores: American Gothic Antiques, Midtown Antiques, Staples Mill Antiques, and Stillwater Antiques Mall. Each one is a must-stop. But be warned, you may find yourself spending days exploring the numerous aisles, rooms, and floors of each of these places!

American Gothic Antiques

American Gothic Antiques: Established in 1993, this antique shop is a two-store mall filled to the brim with antiques, collectibles, and contemporary pieces. Browsers will find antique jewelry, books, and so much more from over 30 dealers in the space!
American Gothic is a must-stop as it is the only antique store where you will find products from a few local artists among the antiques! 

Midtown Antiques

Midtown Antiques: Established in 1991, this antique shop is a whopping three floors, filled with overflowing cases, shelves, and tables full of wonderful antique items. On the first floor, browsers will find antique glass/kitchenware, jewelry, and various decorative items (and more!). On the second floor, they will find vintage clothing, antique signage, toys, and more! And finally, on the third floor, browsers will find the widest selection of antique American and European furniture in the upper Midwest! 

Midtown Antiques is a must-stop as it is one of the largest antique malls in the Midwest with one of the largest selections of antique furniture!

Staples Mill Antiques

Staples Mill Antiques: Built in the 1850s and established as an antique store in 1980, this antique shop has 2 ½ floors, filled with rooms upon rooms of fantastic antique items. Staples Mill is a bit on the trendy-er side of antiques as the owners work diligently to keep up with modern trends of what browsers are looking for! 

Staples Mill Antiques is a must-stop because it is housed in the Historic 1850s Isaac Staples Sawmill and it is the oldest store AND building left in Historic Downtown Stillwater. 

Stillwater Antiques Mall

Stillwater Antiques Mall: Established in, 1995 this antique shop has 2 floors, and aisles upon aisles of unique antique items. 

Stillwater Antiques Mall is a must-stop as it is the only antique shop that houses an “Antique Doctor” by demand. What is an antique doctor, you may ask? An antique doctor is a service where browsers may find answers to their antique-related questions. It’s a relatively quick reference guide for antiques. Hours the Antique Doctor is in may vary. 

Hidden Gems in the Antique Stores

There are so many hidden gems in each of these antique stores, but here are three of some of the big ones. Each of these gems can be found in each of the antique stores to varying degrees. (Inventory may vary from the date of publication).

Postcards: One of the coolest things I have ever found at these antique stores is the postcards. Why, you may ask? Well, a majority of the postcards contain the original writings on the back that the senders wrote in the initial mail of the postcards. They are usually sold or donated to antique stores in bundles, so if you look closely, you could read someone’s entire correspondence history with their child, their mother, or even, their secret lover.

Furniture: Like many items in antique stores, each piece of antique furniture has a storied history, with unique memories or tales embedded in its creation. Take some time to closely examine the antique furniture you encounter in these shops. Many pieces contain images of animals, people, and specific styles from various historical periods. For example, the Baroque period (late 16th to early 18th century) is known for its elegance, inspired by the Italian architecture of the time. Furniture from this period often features elaborate and intricate designs. In contrast, the Rococo period (1730s – 1770s) was influenced by romanticism, characterized by delicate curves and pastel colors. If you seek historical significance, antique furniture is the perfect choice!

Antique stores are also ideal if you’re looking for unique furniture to add to your home. For instance, pictured below is a set of antique chairs with swan-shaped armrests (Midtown Antiques). The image next to it contains a metal table and chairs for a more modern look (American Gothic Antiques). And the image of the chair next to that is of a chair made from cowhide from Texas (Staples Mill Antiques)!

Each antique store has a wide array of objects that appeal to many audiences!

Images below are just skimming the surface of what you will discover at each of these fantastic antique stores. 

In order, American Gothic, Midtown Antiques, Staples Mill Antiques, and Stillwater Antiques Mall.

*Inventory and dealers are constantly changing. Items you see in photos, or listed may not be currently available.

With so many antique shops with numerous floors, you will want to stay overnight to hit them all! Consider Stillwater for your next antiquing stop! Learn more and plan your trip at

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